Produced by Randall Miller &

Jody Savin


Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jamie Alexander, Jim Caviezel., Sam Shepard,

Jack McBrayer, Bradley Whitford, Hal Holbrook

Savannah is a story of redemption that takes more than a lifetime to achieve.  Set in the lush landscape of the Savannah River with its marshes and moss-draped live oaks and the Civil War city famously spared by Sherman for its beauty and charm, this historical tale is both romantic and tragic.

Ward Allen is larger than life, maddening and endearing, brilliant and effusive.  Born into deep Southern wealth, he turns his back on the family plantation choosing instead a fiercely independent life on the river.  He becomes a legendary market hunter—the best damn rifleman on the Savannah River—armed equally with an encyclopedic knowledge of Shakespeare and a bottomless knowledge of the marsh and the birds that inhabit it.

Ward occupies an invincible place in Savannah’s pantheon of characters until a personal tragedy, coupled with the seismic socio-political shifts of the early twentieth-century, leave him groundless—psychologically and literally.  Unable to become a different man, he drifts away from society and retreats into the solitude of the river, with his only touch-point to the world, Christmas Moultrie, a freed slave and steadfast friend.

Ward’s moment of reckoning comes with great poignancy but too late in his life for personal redemption.  It is for another man, Jack Cay, born after Ward’s death, to gain meaning from Ward’s life.  The living connection between Jack Cay and Ward Allen is their mutual friend Christmas Moultrie, a freed Southern slave.  Christmas carries Ward’s story forward, close to his heart, and through the telling of Ward’s story enables Jack to make a redemptive change, a simple decision in his life that alters the course of the generations to come.


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